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Sean Bergman Edmonton blokDEK

Sean Bergman has been developing and perfecting the blokDEK product for nearly 6 years. After building several traditional wood structure decks and being frustrated with their limitations, Sean realized there had to be a better option for outdoor living spaces. 

With 15 years experience as a design engineer, Sean set out to create a long-lasting, moveable outdoor structure that was much more versatile and sustainable than traditional decks.

Sean is excited to launch blokDEK in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. He is the father of two beautiful children and a husband to Jennifer Bergman - a local entrepreneur in the events industry. Sean's hobbies include backcountry hiking, running and tinkering in the garage.

​"When I was designing the backyard space at our current home, one of my main goals was to correct some poorly graded sections of the yard that were causing water damage in the basement. The existing wood deck had to be completely demolished to achieve this. I thought it was terribly wasteful and this is when the blokDEK journey began. 


After completing the first prototype I knew the product was viable, and I spent the next few years improving the design and developing the innovative fastening system so blokDEK would be an extremely user-friendly product."

Sean and Jennifer Bergman
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